Shared Office Space: Is it Right for You?

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Are you considering the use of a shared office space for yourself, your startup or your company? It is estimated that around one million workers will share office space in the US alone in the next few years. With that many people signing up to co-work in one country, you’d think that they must be on to something. But is sharing an office space right for you and your business? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

First, the Cons

About sharing an office building, let’s look at the bad news first. Better yet, maybe we can look at what could be bad about other shared office spaces and show how we’ve addressed the issues and made the bad news good.

  1. Lack of Privacy – Many shared office spaces feature an open layout in an almost communal setting. While this is a great idea for those who are working on a group project, it does not offer much privacy for those who work in smaller groups or alone. Many places, such as Offix, have solved this issue by offering private desks with a quiet workspace that allows room for up to 4 people. You will have access to this private space anytime, day or night. This space features a large desk space and comfort chair.
  2. Cost of Renting Space – Of course, no matter what location you are considering for an office space, there will be costs involved. First, there will be rent to pay. For some, it may seem far more cost efficient to simply work from home. What many may not consider is the amount of money that can be lost by doing so. There can be many distractions and downfalls to working from home that can end up costing more money than you save. By using reasonably-priced office spaces with private offices, you can save tons on the costs of office furniture, maid services, and utilities, as well as eliminate the distractions of being at home on the job, improving time management.
  3. Location – In many instances, traveling to work in an office building can be stressful all on its own. Your home may be local to where you shop, eat, workout, etc, and an office space could end up being far from any of these conveniences. Offix solves this issue by being located near many amenities, such as the best coffee shops. You won’t even need to worry over transportation; it is a 5-minute walk to your most important locations.

Now, the Pros

  1. Looks More Professional – Let’s face it, while working from home may have its share of conveniences, it simply looks much more professional and business-like to bring clients to a well-setup office space. In truth, who would you be more likely to do business with; someone who you met at their quiet, efficient office space who provided privacy for business dealings, or someone who met you at home or in a loud coffee shop, and made deals over a bagel?
  2. No Maintenance – For those who choose to work out of their homes, it is vital that their home office is kept neat and tidy. When working full time, this can often mean that you must incur the cost of hiring someone to clean for you at least once or twice a week. Offix offers cleaning services 3 times a week. These services are included in the contract for renting the space. This leaves you with more time to focus on working and impressing clients.
  3. Stress Reduction – For those who work at home, trying to balance time for family and work can be very difficult. Many of us end up working during family times and dealing with family during the workday. Working at home is literally bringing the job home with you. The only way to truly leave your job at the job is by working somewhere other than home. Shared office spaces make having an office outside of the home much more doable to those who might not be ready to invest in a true office space just yet.

Those are some of the pros and cons to using a shared office for your corporate office, business meetings, and more. Perhaps this helps you decide if using a shared office space is right for you and your startup.

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