The Benefits of a Well-Lit Shared Office Space

Written By: offix_admin

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For most, choosing an office space involves a lot of different factors. Location, privacy, security, and office furniture are all considered when someone is deciding where they will spend most of their day. One feature that many seem to overlook, however, is the importance of lighting in the workplace. When scoping out potential shared office spaces, lighting is a very important thing to take into consideration. Here are a few reasons why lighting is so important:

  1. Security – In any business, whether it is a shopping center, hotel, apartment, recreation area, of office building, the lighting in very important when measuring safety. Any entrance areas should always be well-lit so that you can easily see any stairs or doorways. Poorly lit steps and stairs can lead to tripping and falling, and no one may see you there for some time. Poorly lit entryways and doorways can be places for dangerous characters to hide out waiting to rob or injure someone. It is vital that these areas are brightly lit.
  2. Productivity – According to Price Electric, “Lighting is critical to wakefulness and productivity in your office or commercial building.” Tasks at work are much easier to complete in a timely manner if they are done under proper lighting. It is important to note, however, that proper lighting does not necessarily mean very bright lighting. Too much glare is also a bad thing. Improper lighting can cause eye strain and headaches from squinting all day, as well as back and shoulder pain form hunching over to see more clearly. Any of these issues can slow productivity and even cause workers to leave the office early.
  3. Less Accidents – Proper lighting not only thwarts trip hazards in entryways and doorways but can do so in the office as well. There is a far less chance of workers tripping over rugs, trashcans, or anything that may be out of place if the office is well lit. There is less of a chance that someone will leave items out of place if the office is bright enough that the object would stand out. If something is left out, however, it would be much easier to see.
  4. Health and Happiness – We’ve already mentioned that poor lighting in the office can contribute to headaches, eye muscle strains, back and shoulder pain, and more, but there are other ways that proper lighting can contribute to happier, healthier workers. It is said that office workers who are exposed to natural light get almost an hour more sleep per night than those who are closed off in an office without windows. According to some research, adequate lighting is vital to maintaining healthy mood levels. Research into the influence of lighting on mood disorders and suicide has shows that proper lighting benefits here as well.

With all of the benefits of proper lighting in the workplace, it is easy to see why this is an important thing to consider when looking for a shared office space. According to Andrew Jensen, natural lighting is the “superior alternative” in proper lighting sources. That is why Offix uses natural lighting with open floor plans and huge windows as one of our main light sources in our offices. When working, you won’t feel closed in, you’ll have plenty of lighting to see properly, and much better views than a plaster wall in front of you. Offix has implemented the use of proper lighting and natural light to make our offices a brilliant choice for yourself and your company.

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