The Importance of Location in Shared Office Space

Written By: offix_admin

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Today is often referred to as “The Digital Age” in the workplace. With so many jobs allowing for working at home, and so many people starting their own businesses and making their own rules, entrepreneurs often fail to realize the importance of location when it comes to the workplace. While some may have realized that they would do better with a shared office space instead of working out of a coffee shop or home, they may not consider location as a factor when choosing a place to work from. Here are a few reasons to take location into account before choosing a corporate office space.

Pleasant Surrounding Produce Higher Quality Work

Work. For some, this is a horrendous 4-letter word that brings stress, frustration, and mental exhaustion. Working under heavy amounts of stress in a depressing environment can cause many to produce a much lower quality work than they are capable of.  There are many ways, however, to help make the workday less daunting and working more pleasant. Let’s face it, as adults we spend a great deal of our lives in the workplace, so why not make it a pleasurable experience? This is one reason that location is vital when choosing a workspace. Offices that offer natural lighting, pleasant décor, comfortable furnishings, and soothing workspaces tend to yield much happier, more productive workers. Offix provides all of this and more.


Another factor to consider when choosing a location for shared office space is convenience. Workers take breaks, go out for lunch, run to the post office, and go many other places throughout the workday. While this may not seem very important, the convenience of having these places nearby can be very beneficial to a startup or business looking for a place to work from. Offix spaces, for example, are within a 5-minute walk from anything important … and close to the very best coffee shops as well, which we all know is essential to a productive and happy workday!


No one wants to be experience fear on their daily commute to work, nor do they wish to stress over whether or not their belongings are safe at their office. For these reasons, it is very important that a shared office space is located in a safe neighborhood and provides a lockable space for your important papers, equipment, and other stuff. Offix offers such a space with access to its clients, day or night.

Room to Meet, Entertain, and Grow

Startups are usually small, and the entrepreneur who makes it all happen often has no idea just how large his or her business could grow very quickly. When a small business rents an office space, they often forget to plan for business meetings, entertaining clients, or room to grow. All too often they can find themselves in a tiny, overcrowded office space with no room to breathe. Offix offers large modern meeting rooms with Zoom, Skype, Hangout and other hookup capabilities. Large tables and comfortable chairs provide space for many clients to meet for video conferences and more. There is even a kitchen for preparing coffee, teas, and small snacks. And there are offices of different sizes available when you begin to outgrow your current one.

Those are a few things to consider when choosing a location for your office setting. Shared office space is becoming more and more popular among startups and businesses and can make your dream of having your own office in a great location a reality much sooner than expected!

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