Maintaining Privacy in an Open Office Space

Written By: offix_admin

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In recent years, the concept of an open office has become more and more popular among start-ups and small businesses. While there are a great many advantages of this type of work environment, there can also be a few disadvantages as well. For example, privacy can be an issue if not addressed. What can be done to assure privacy in an open office setting?

Private Desks and Office Spaces

One of the very first amenities to look for in a shared office space building is a private office area with a private desk. Top of the line office spaces such as Offix offers private desks and office areas for those who need to be assured of their privacy and security. Large individual desks feature comfortable office chairs and sit in a room with room for up to 4 people. The private offices at Offix are fully furnished and can fit up to 7 people. Private offices at any location should offer locked doors and lockers should also be available for personal belongings.

Find an Isolated Area

It is easy to maintain privacy in a setting where private desks and offices are available. But what about those times when you do not have access to either? In coworking spaces with an open floor plan, it can be quite difficult to have a private conversation or work on projects that don’t involve the entire group. When this happens, you can find a private corner to yourself. Most shared offices have Wi-Fi, so your laptop can literally go anywhere with you. That makes getting off into your own little corner very easy.

Work at Off-Peak Times

Another very easy way to ensure privacy when working in a shared office space or coworking space is to come in to work when no one else is there. If you are working on something that you need absolute privacy for, you might choose to come in to work very early in the morning before the others arrive or stay after others have gone. Open office buildings like Offix offers 24/7 access to make it possible for you to work anytime you want. You can arrive at work early enough to get that extra time alone for private projects, and then work with others once they begin to come in on other projects that aren’t so private.

Overall, it is not that difficult to maintain privacy in a shared office space. Once you make privacy a priority for everyone, it can be a simple goal to accomplish. Establishing boundaries among co-workers is a vital part of this plan. By working at different times when needed, using a dedicated private office, sitting at a private desk, or simply finding an isolated area to work in you can find the privacy you need to continue projects alone or in groups.

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