Office Solutions for Small Businesses and Start-ups

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As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, most small businesses and start-ups do not begin in a fancy office building. In fact, many of them start off in someone’s home office, basement, or even someone’s garage. Steve Jobs and a fellow entrepreneur started Apple in the garage of Steve’s parents’ home. Kentucky fried chicken was sold out of the trunk of a car. Harley Davidson motorcycles started off in a shed. Many successful entrepreneurs started their businesses out at home… or worse. But there comes a time when it is necessary to move out of the garage, out of the basement, out of the home and into an office. What are the best solutions for new businesses and start-ups looking for an office space?

No Commitment

One of the scariest things about moving into an office space for a new business is the thought of committing to payments every month on a space that you may not be able to afford. Let’s face it, when a new business or start-up begins, some months may be far less successful than others. For those who go out and purchase a new office space, this can be a very dangerous reality. Once the purchase has been finalized, those monthly payments will come due, no matter what. Even if the business isn’t doing as well as expected, even if you move out of the building, you are still on the hook for those payments. With small businesses and start-ups, it is much safer and easier to simply rent a shared office space or coworking space to conduct business in.

Coworking Spaces

One solution to the problem of needing space for a small business or start-up is to rent a coworking space. These office space solutions are great for businesses in which group collaborations and projects are performed. Most of these can be rented by the day, by the week, by the month, or even buy the year, so there is no huge commitment problem like there would be with buying an office. Your level of commitment to coworking spaces is up to you, so that it is easier to keep it equal to your success. Open floor plans allow coworking in groups. High-speed internet, utilities, 24/7 access, cleaning services, and more are usually offered with these coworking options.

Shared Office Spaces

Another great solution for the small business or start-up that is looking for a place to call home is a shared office building. Shared offices are great for those who need a little more privacy than a coworking office space will allow. In fact, shared office spaces such as Offix offer private desk areas and even private offices. High-speed internet, utilities, security, 24/7 access, board rooms, shared space, kitchen, video conference rooms, waiting room, and cleaning services are all available. These shared office spaces are available to rent by the month (4-week periods), bi-annually, or by the year.

While high-commitment solutions such as purchasing an office-building is not a good choice for a start-up or small business, low-commitment choices like coworking spaces or shared office spaces are the perfect solutions. You, your co-workers and employees can enjoy all the luxuries of your very own office, with much less cost, maintenance, and commitment.


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