Where to Turn When Your Start-up Needs a Boardroom or Meeting Hall

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So, you pulled it off. You’ve followed in the footsteps of entrepreneurs who’ve come before you, taken your business idea and got it off the ground. You’ve been working out of your home office, but now things are moving fast. You need to hire a few employees. You also need to find a place where you and your co-workers can meet with clients. Unfortunately, you do not have room in your home office for the growth you’re experiencing. Where can you turn to find a boardroom or meeting hall for your small business?

Hotel Conference Rooms

Of course, anytime a company or other group needs a meeting hall or conference room, they may choose to turn to a local hotel. While hotels usually offer many amenities, it can be very costly to rent those spaces. In addition, each of those amenities can also carry their own fees. One hotel in Wellington offers conference rooms, but even the use of the LCD TV Screen carries an additional charge. Parking is also available at this location, but it costs $15 for every car during the day, and that price doubles for overnight parking. Those prices can really add up for a small business that is just getting off its feet.

Conference and Presentation Rooms

There are several other choices that are available in some areas for the small business that is looking for a solution to the need for a meeting place. Conference rooms, training rooms, presentation halls, and meeting halls can usually be rented out for special gatherings or events. Conference rooms usually vary in size, while presentation rooms are larger, with bigger tables and seating areas. Presentation rooms can feature LCD TV screens, smart boards, and other equipment that can be used for business meetings. Training rooms also feature these amenities. Some of the drawbacks for using these facilities are costs of rent per hour, cleaning costs, moving all your equipment in and out every time you have a meeting, and lack of professionalism in renting out a local meeting hall.

Other Local Gathering Locations

In some cities, there are other local gathering locations that are available at cheaper costs. Sometimes a local bank may have a conference room that is available for a small fee. Local libraries may also offer this choice, where there is at least free parking and the atmosphere is quiet. Restaurants may also offer meeting or conference rooms. Sometimes, even local government offices may offer rooms to hold meetings. The issues with these choices are still cost, clean-up, and lack of professionalism. Would you really want to walk potential clients through the library or a local bank to meet and discuss further business prospects?

Shared Office Spaces

Perhaps the best solution to the growing need for conference rooms and board rooms for your small business is to choose a shared office space. Shared office spaces not only provide you with a professional gathering place for your business meetings, but also offers private desks, private offices, break out room, kitchen, video conference rooms, and more for your day-to-day work. Shared office spaces give your small business an office space of its own, and a place that you can proudly entertain prospective clients and others in the privacy of your own office space. You don’t just rent these spaces for special occasions, but work in them daily. They offer many amenities, including security, 24/7 access, and cleaning services. All these bonuses make renting a shared office space like Offix the best choice for your small business.



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