4 Signs It’s Time to Move from Your Home Office to an Office Space

Written By: offix_admin

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For many people, the idea of working form home is a dream come true. Most imagine it to be a much easier, more efficient way to blend home life and work life. Truth is, it can be a great experience for someone who is just starting out in a business, if they follow a few guidelines. Of course, self-discipline is a must. But once you’ve put in the time, applied the self-discipline, and your business starts growing, how will you know when it is time to move from your home office into an office space? Here are 4 signs that it is time for that change.

  1. You Need Help – When your small business or start-up begins to grow to a point that you need to hire employees, then it may be time to start thinking of making the move from home into an office. Just one or 2 people may be able to work out of a home office comfortably, but if you really want to hire top-notch people, they’re going to expect an office to work from. The more people that your business employs, the more room you will need to grow.
  2. You Need to Meet with Clients Regularly – Another sign that you really need to move out of the home office and into a shared office space is if you find yourself needing to meet with clients and customers more regularly. Sure, with the right setup, you could have business meetings in your home. It is even possible to meet with clients at a local coffee shop or restaurant. But how much more professional would it look for those clients to walk into an office space that is just for you and your business?
  3. Distractions at Home – Remember that “dream come true” idea that working from home was going to be awesome? All too often, reality sets in and the distractions at home can cause your productivity to suffer. Kid running in and out, non-business phone calls in the middle of the day, spouse interrupting you for just “one quick question,” all can adversely affect your workday. There are also distractions that you yourself may cause. That “quick snack break,” or “just one more television show” can be detrimental to your work as well. When the distractions at home begin to hurt your business, it is definitely time to consider moving into an office space to rent Wellington.
  4. You Home Life is Suffering – The same way that the distractions of home can make your business suffer, the distractions of business can hurt your home and family life. Having a home office is literally bringing your work home with you. It can be difficult to separate work time and family time when both take place in the same location. If your marriage, relationship with your kids, or even your own private time has begun to suffer from your office being at home, it’s probably time to look for a small office space for lease.

Those are just a few of the reasons that many entrepreneurs make the decision to move from their home office and look for a commercial office space to rent. If you have decided to make that move, Offix can set you up in a shared office space that your employees and clients will love.

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