Awesome Coworking and Shared Office Spaces in Wellington

Written By: offix_admin

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From start-ups to small businesses, everyone from entrepreneurs to CEOs are taking a look at the coworking and shared office space trend. Harvard Business Review says that people thrive in coworking environments, and it shows. Shared office and coworking spaces have helped more employees to feel that their work mattered, to bond with their coworkers, and maintain control over their careers. Several small businesses and start-ups are looking at office space to rent in Wellington, and for many of them, a shared workspace is ideal. Here are a few of the top coworking spaces and small offices for lease in the Wellington area.

BizDojo – According to their website, Biz Dojo is the “leading family of coworking spaces, home to hundreds of entrepreneurs, creatives, and startups all over New Zealand.” You just want to try it out? BizDojo allows you to book your desk for the day. Prices for hot desks start off at $39 + GST for one person for one spot to work in for the day. If you love hot desking but also need access to meeting rooms and more networking opportunities, BizDojo offers their “flexi” place for about $400 + GST a month, with use allowed 5 days per week. A more permanent solution is the “permanent” place which starts at about $700 + GST a month. This plan gives you 24/7 access to a permanent desk and chair all to yourself in a large room filled with other permanent deskers. BizDojo offers amenities such as Wi-Fi, bathroom and shower access, meeting spaces, printing and scanning capabilities, mail, kitchen with coffee, and access for wheelchairs. BizDojo also offers storage, Ethernet connections, and a logo that you place on the wall in your office space on the permanent plan.

Digital Nomad – As their website explains, Digital Nomad is a “boutique, premium quality co-working space right in the heart of the Wellington CBD.” Their open “hot desking” plans start at $50 a day for one person, $165 a week for 1 person, $715 a month for 1 person, and $679.25 a month for 1 person with a 6-month lease. Access 24/7 is available for all plans except for the daily, which is only for reception hours. For a private desk, 1 person pays $715 a month on a monthly basis or &679.25 a month for a 6-month lease. Both of these plans are for 24/7 access. A private office at Digital Nomads will cost you $6435 a month for up to 9 people for a month, that prices lowers to $6000 a month with a 6-month lease. There is an onsite café, free coffee, wheelchair access, bike parking and storage, kitchen, Skype room, lockers, showers, lounge, outdoor terrace, dual and/or single monitors, printer, scanner, photocopier, Apple TV, high-speed Wi-Fi, heating and air conditioning all available at their locations. Add GST to all prices which are in NZD.

Offix – Of course, we cannot talk about shared office space in Wellington and coworking spaces in Wellington without taking a look at Offix. As their website shares, “Offix is a small, family owned business which aims to provide a home-like office for you and your company.” This company actually uses its own facilities for its business, so you can be assured that they keep the workspace as nice as possible. Offix offers more privacy than the larger commercial rental spaces that have large open floor pans with loud crowds of workers. Offix offers more private, cozy, and quiet spaces to work in that helps ensure more security and less clutter. 5 office spaces allow your clients to feel that you are in your own office, and common rooms are available for larger group projects. Offix is $140 a week for their 4-week term. All amenities are available with this package. For a 6 to 12-month term, the cost is $133 a week, and over 12-month terms are $126 a week. Hi-speed internet, heating, power, cleaning services, private desks, private offices, board room, kitchen, video conferencing, 65” Samsung TV, waiting rooms and more are included in Offix amenities.

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