Top Tips When Looking for Your First Shared Office Space

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One of the biggest signs that you have actually made it as a small business or startup is when it is time to move out of your home office and find your first shared office space. It is a time of mixed feelings. While it may be a bit aggravating to actually have to get dressed and fight traffic to go to work, it is also quite elating to know that you’ve finally graduated and are ready to move into a commercial office space for lease. But what should you look for when exploring commercial rental space? What are some good tips for looking for your first shared office space?

Understand What Your Business Needs

According to The Muse, this is an important part of your search for a coworking space. You do not want to rent a place that is far too large and costly for your group. How many employees do you plan to take with you to this commercial office? Will you need private offices? Will your employees be using coworking areas? What about office equipment? Do you need extra room and money for printers, television screens, etc.? Or will these things be supplied in the shared office space? Most commercial property for lease, such as Offix, that is set up for a shared office or coworking space will come with these items. Printers, television screen, private offices, coworking areas, video conference rooms, and more are all available.


Consider Location Carefully

As explained in a previous article, location is very important when choosing a new shared office space for your company. A place with natural lighting, comfortable furnishings, soothing workspaces, and pleasant décor can actually help to increase productivity among your employees. Aside from ambiance, convenience can also play a part in the success of a location for office space to rent in Wellington. Shared office spaces that are centrally located are much more convenient for small businesses. Employees will make several daily trips at times, to the post office, carry out, coffee shops, and restaurants, and other local areas. It is much more time efficient if those locations are near the office.

Stick to Your Budget

While it can be tempting to go all out and rent the fanciest office space with the largest offices, Small Business Trends points out the importance of keeping a strict budget in mind. In fact, this site considers cost the second most important concern after location. You do not want to put your startup too far in debt by renting office spaces that are too expensive for your budget. You can impress clients and competitors for a lot lower cost by renting a shared office space such as Offix. There, you can still enjoy impressive private offices and all of the amenities of a larger office space for a fraction of the cost.

Those are just a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a commercial office for lease or rent. Of course, there are other concerns such as cleaning services, who is responsible for utilities, who covers high speed internet, etc. Of course, at a shared office space such as Offix, all of this and more is already taken care of for you.

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