Does Age Matter in the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

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A question was asked in a virtual worker chat recently about why you should not be a digital nomad after the age of 35. For many in the group, the question was quite confusing, as we were unaware that such rules existed. After a bit of research, it became aware that ageism does apply in this lifestyle as it does is any. But does age realty matter if you want to become a digital nomad?

Ageism is an Issue in Any Career

Sadly, the same Google search that exposed the issue of age in the digital nomad lifestyle showed that ageism exists in almost any career choice. What makes it more prevalent in remote workers is that the rules sometimes don’t apply. While there are laws in most countries about conduct in the workplace, those who hire online are sometimes able to ignore them. Employers hire freelance workers for far less than their county’s minimum wage. Workers who clock in more than 40 hours per week are not given benefits. And online employers often openly discriminate due to age. This is not true of only the digital lifestyle but in any remote career choice.

Not All of the Rumors are True

While ageism is indeed an issue in any career, not all of the rumors are true, thankfully. According to The New Stack, “older employees are not discriminated against once they are hired.” In fact, older employees are more likely to receive top performance ratings, are more loyal, hold their jobs longer, and can cost more to replace. They also outperform their younger counterparts in most cases. Many older workers have already raised a family and have no children at home to distract them and can spend more of their time working.

It is a Great Alternative to Retiring

While you don’t have to be old to be a digital nomad, it can be a terrific alternative to retiring. Most people retire from working just after their children have grown and their homes are empty. They often spend day after day with nothing to do and can become depressed. Although retirees may have pictured their future as spending their golden years traveling, college costs, medical bills, and more can leave them with no money to do so. The lifestyle of a digital nomad can give them the satisfaction of a career with the excitement of travel, all in one.

It Works at Any Age

It used to be that many students would take a year off from college to “do some traveling.” This year was often spent moving from place to place and going from party to party. Nothing of quality was really gained from most of these examples, and many of them never returned to school. Now, many of these younger people take off to live as a digital nomad for a while. They work remotely while traveling practically anywhere. Not only do they gain life experience, but they gain work experience as well. Some of them may go on to college, and others may actually build their own business to continue the digital nomad lifestyle.

As CloudPeeps points out, however, it is not just the younger generation that is taking advantage of this lifestyle choice. According to the report, “More now than ever, we’re seeing the rise of the older, more mature and experienced freelancer, and as we’ve seen within our own community … they’re absolutely crushing it.” People are starting businesses after the age of 50 and even 60. They gain independence, fulfillment, and flexibility.

Those who have chronic illnesses in later years can choose when they are able to work and rest when they cannot. They can travel to locations where the weather is more beneficial to their health and continue to work year-round. Working remotely and becoming a digital nomad is a choice that many are happy to have made. With commercial rental space such as Offiix shared office spaces, a career can be continued from almost anywhere. Being able to rent an office for a day, a week, a month, or even a year makes being a success in this lifestyle even easier … at any age.

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