How to Break Away from Corporate (Part 2)

Written By: offix_admin

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Are you an entrepreneur who feels caught in the trap of a corporate life? We asked these questions in last week’s article. How can you ever break free and live your dreams? Sadly, many terrific business ideas die before they are ever born because the dreamer did not know how to get his or her dreams out of their heads and into reality. With no experience and little network, it can be almost impossible for an up and coming entrepreneur to bring his or her ideas to life. So, what can be done? Before you can pull yourself out of the corporate trap, you must make sure that you are ready to jump out there and make your dreams reality. Here are a few more ways to do just that.

Remove Negativity

While it is fast food to listen to critics, one must be careful to only listen to objective criticism. TechCo advises that you don’t even talk to pessimists. It is one thing to open-mindfully listen to those who have gone before you into the world of entrepreneurship. It is another thing entirely to surround yourself with pessimists who continually quell your flame. Respond to criticism in a healthy way, by looking to see the truth in what the critic is saying and finding ways to overcome the obstacles that they are pointing out. Those who continually offer you nothing but negativity must be removed, or at least ignored. To be a successful entrepreneur you must train yourself to always see the glass as half-full. Negativity has no place in your world.

Research Your Ideas and Options

One of the main issues which keep entrepreneurs stuck in the corporate world is the paycheck. Many of today’s dreamers have a mortgage, car payment, credit card bills, etc. How can you ever take that leap and leave the security of a paycheck for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship? Research first. This is perhaps the most important tip that an entrepreneur stuck in the corporate world can receive. You have to do your research. Find out how much it will take to get started. Can you secure funding from investors? How much time will you need to get your startup going? Can you afford to invest that much time into a business right now? Are their friends or family members whom you can enlist to help you get your business off the ground? Where will your business be located? Is there a real need for your idea in this location? What about training, what do you need to learn before you can get started, and do you have the time and money needed to keep at your current job and get training for this one going? If not yet…how can you make this possible in the near future?

Options are available that many entrepreneurs may not have considered. For example, you might not think that you can afford to get out of a home office and into a small office for lease. Making the move from working at home to working out of an office can be quite costly, but it could also draw in a lot more clients. There is a solution to this problem likely right under your nose. Shared office spaces in Wellington such as Offix and coworking spaces offer all of the amenities and benefits of a commercial office at a fraction of the cost. Do you have an important meeting with a potential client that you’d like to impress? You can lease a commercial space for lease for just one day at Offix. With private offices, private desks, video conference rooms, meeting rooms, and more these commercial spaces for rent can also be leased by the week, month, or year to fit into your budget.  They have amenities such as cleaning service, 24 hour access, smart TVs and more, all for much cheaper than leasing an office space, buying equipment and paying cleaning services yourself.


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