5 Social Media Tricks for Business

Written By: offix_admin

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With social media, business owners have a plethora of tools, benefits, and opportunities right at their fingertips. Even with the most well-known social media sites, however, you will need to know and understand the in and outs of the different hacks that each site uses. Social media can help you to not only get your brand noticed, but humanize it and make it more appealing to your target audience. But how can you utilize this opportunity to benefit your business? Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

  1. – Understand current events. This advice comes from Social Media Today, which explains that understanding what is going on in the world is one key to reaching consumers. Focus on the news which is happening all over the planet, and think up ways that you can relate this to your own business. For example, if you were a divorce attorney, you may choose to use a high-profile celebrity divorce as a way to catch attention and advertise your service.
  2. – Use Facebook’s Customer Feedback Feature. Constant Contact shares this pointer. Facebook is a wonderful place to advertise yourself and get your brand noticed. In fact, as much as 35% of all Facebook comments on business pages are positive. You can choose to feature those compliments with an easy trick. While on your page, check out the “posts by others” which is located on the left-hand side. Click to edit the post that you would like to feature. Check “Allowed on Page,” and voila! The positive comment will be featured on your page.
  3. – Make sure that you provide good customer service. Forbes suggests this one. When your company has a Twitter, Facebook, or other social media page, use it to benefit your customers. Zappos does this by having a completely separate Twitter account, just for customer service, that is manned 24/7. Some airlines use their social media outlets to alert customers when a flight has been delayed, etc. You can choose to set up alerts for certain name brands and products, as well, and always respond to feedback, whether good or bad.
  4. – Know the lingo. As Entrepreneur Magazine points out, social media seems to speak in a different language, and you have to know the lingo. Using images, info-graphics, and videos is now all the rage. These tools can make your posts pop, and grab the attention of your target audience. If you are skilled at it, it is not too hard to create your own videos and info-graphics. If not, it is fairly cheap to hire companies or even freelancers to do so.
  5. – Don’t just advertise. Local Vox says that it is important to “soften your promotions.” If your entire site is nothing but advertising, your followers will quickly lose interest. Soften it up with informative posts about topics that relate to your business, and entertaining content that will draw and keep their attention. Photos, reviews, how to articles, and other helpful posts will keep your audience engaged. It is suggested that no more than 10% of posts be promotional ones.

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