More Tips for Scaling Your Business

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A few months ago, we looked at ways to take your business from startup to scale up. In that article, we learned that “a startup is the very first step after an entrepreneur has taken his or her idea and decided to run with it. In those early stages, the entrepreneur is still trying to get their product or service into the right hands, according to New Breed, and is likely still looking for funding. A scaleup, on the other hand, already has an established place in the market for their product or idea and is already seeing growth in their business idea.” Establishing a place to fit in the market, securing funding, maintaining a profit stream, and drawing clear lines about who is in charge are all important steps in taking your business from a small startup to a lucrative scale up. Many entrepreneurs may feel that the actual process of starting a business is the hardest part of owning your own company. As Small Business Trends points out, however growing and scaling that business can be even more difficult to some. Not only do you have to get the business to start growing, but you have to make sure that it continues to grow at a steady pace. Last week we explored a few new ways to scale your business. In this article, we will look at a few others.

Take Yourself Seriously

 This step is very critical in scaling a business. If you don’t take yourself and your business seriously, no one else will either. Think professional, act professional, look professional. This includes many areas of life – from social media to where your office is located. For example, you should always remain professional online, on any social media outlet. Posting pictures of your last drunk-fest or fighting it out with the competition online makes you look unprofessional and encourages people not to take you seriously. How many times have you seen a news story about someone being fired for something they posted on social media? This is an important part of building your brand. Your online image represents your company, so you want it to look good. Running a business out of your garage or at a coffee shop can also cause others not to take you seriously. Get an office, protect your reputation, and take yourself, and your business seriously. When you look and act like a growing business, you will become one.

Yes, You Need an Office

You read that sentence above correctly. You need to get an office if you want to be taken seriously in business. This was once a lot more difficult for startups and small businesses to pull off. In today’s business world, however, shared office spaces like those offered by Offix make this dream within much easier reach. With amenities like private desks, private offices, meeting rooms, video conference rooms, 24/7 access, and cleaning services, Offix can give you the ability to have a dedicated office to bring clients to at much cheaper prices than you’d expect from a commercial office space. Potential clients and customers will take your business much more seriously if you have an office to meet them in than if they have to meet you in your garage or at a coffee shop. With a shared office space, you can choose to rent an office by the day, week, month, or year depending on your needs and your budget.

Ignore the Negative

 An article from Inc admits that tuning out the noise is one of the hardest steps to scaling a business. “Being successful relies heavily on instinct and intuition. You’ll come up with great ideas, be offered well-meaning suggestions, and sometimes feel you’re spinning in circles. Learning to filter out the noise and choose the right ideas that best fit your company’s direction is crucial.” Anything or any idea which is not beneficial to your business or its well-being needs to be filtered out. This is not a time for making friends…this is business. Don’t be afraid to discount someone’s ideas or thoughts if they could harm your business.

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