Why Should You Do Business in Wellington?

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Our last 4 articles have focused on the different steps involved in starting a business in New Zealand. From the moment you have that amazing idea for a new business until the day that you find yourself registering a trademark for it, we discussed what to do and where to find the tools you need to do it. We also discussed the fact that Offix offers affordable office solutions which would be a great choice for the entrepreneur who is just starting out. Offix shared office space to rent in Wellington provides all of the advantages of a traditional commercial office space for lease but at more affordable prices and terms. For example, you may choose to rent a shared office space for one day, one week, one month, or a year, depending on your needs and your current budget. But Offix isn’t the only good reason to do business in Wellington, New Zealand.

Wellington Makes it Easy to Do Business

According to this article in WellingtonNZ about doing business in Wellington, the city makes it simple to set up a business here, as well as establish and grow your business. In fact, as we have mentioned in prior articles, the entire country was voted as the best places to do business and the easiest place to start a business. The Ministry of Business website offers a great deal of information about how to go about starting your business in the country and even offers various online tools to make each step even simpler.

Wellington Focuses on Education

According to a report from Statistics New Zealand in 2015, the city of Wellington has the most educated workforce in the entire country, WellingtonNZ shares. It is also considered one of the top 20 most innovative cities by Innovation Cities Asia Index. The city is named as a high tech capital and thrives on bringing more innovation to life. WellingtonNZ explains that the city’s “booming digital technology industry has removed all barriers to creativity.” Knowledge-intensive industries make up almost half of Wellington’s workforce, as opposed to New Zealand’s national average of about a third. Wellington is said to have the “highest concentration of web-based and digital technology companies” in the country.

High Ranking Labor Environment

The FDI Asia Pacific Cities of the Future ranked the city of Wellington New Zealand as the first for its labor environment. Salaries here are more affordable than in other countries as well. In fact, the average salary in New Zealand is as much as 30% lower than those in Australia, but the cost of living here is also much lower. There is no payroll tax here, either. All of this keeps the cost of wages much lower, but, as mentioned above, the city offers some of the highest educated workers. Wellington has “the most degree-qualified employees in the country” and offers 3 universities and 3 technology institutes to help ensure that these educated workers keep coming.

The educated, innovative, friendly-yet-professional workforce of Wellington, New Zealand makes it a prime choice for a place to set up and grow your business. Of course, there is no shortage of things to do in your downtime, either. In an upcoming, we will look at a few of the city’s entertainment choices.

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