How Reputation Management Can Save Your Business

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Word of mouth. It has long been recognized as a powerful marketing tool, but it can be just as powerful as a destroyer of businesses. People once complained about small towns; how everyone knew everyone else’s business and bad reputations were difficult to overcome, but now the digital age has made a small town out of the entire world. With the introduction of social media and review sites, the online reputation of your business needs to be guarded constantly. Here is how reputation management can save your business.

Makes the Good Outweigh the Bad

 Outspoken Media makes a very good point in an article in which the author points out, “If you don’t control your brand online, someone else will.” Another good quote on reputation management comes from Forbes, who quotes ‘Online Reputation Management for Dummies’ author Lori Randall Stradtman as saying, “Question: Where do you hide a dead body? Answer: On the third page of Google results.” Basically, it is vital to your business that the positive feedback that you may receive online outweighs the negative, (and hopefully stays past page three of Google’s search pages!) Reputation management can help make sure that the good feedback for your company is greater than the negative.”

Helps Clean Up Bad Images in Social Media

As Putosys explains in their Facebook notes, “Reputation is a very fragile entity which is hard to preserve and maintain. Similarly, the reputation of your online business presence is highly vulnerable and can be affected by any negative remark that circulates across the web. Hence reputation management is the best way out to save your companies brand image from blotches that can ruin your business. Reputation management service is a specialized division which protects the business from malicious content that makes a dent on the company’s image. These can be in the form of blogs, online articles, social networking sites etc. drawing through mass attention.”

How to Improve Your Online Reputation

There are several things that you can do to help improve your reputation online. If you have already acquired some negative feedback, for example, posting good content to your website can decrease the ranking of negative content, pushing it further back in Google searches. Also, you might choose to contact those unsatisfied customers who posted it and offer to make it right. Whether it is a refund of their money, replacement of a defective product, or even free products, by simply reaching out to unhappy customers you could cause them to reverse their feedback and help your reputation. Be careful that you don’t make things worse, however.

Some businesses hire people to write positive reviews but this can be viewed as dishonest and cause more harm than good to your business reputation. Instead of this approach, perhaps you may wish to encourage your happy customers to leave good feedback. Most importantly, do not run in terror from your negative feedback, but address it head-on. Fix any problems which may exist with your product or service and strive to bring the best customer service possible.

Having an Office Can Help

You may wonder how having an office could help your business reputation. Aside from the fact that it just looks better to conduct business in an office than in a home or coffee shop, it is also much more secure. Most business meetings and correspondence can involve very sensitive information that your clients need to know that they can trust you with. If a client’s information were to get out because of being overheard at a coffee shop, or from you using public WiFi to correspond, your reputation could be ruined from that client’s word of mouth. Even if you cannot yet afford a traditional office, Offix offers shared office space for rent in Wellington that provides private desks, private offices, secure high-speed internet, and more.

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