Traits to Look for When Hiring for a Small Business

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As explained by Inc, the smaller that your business is, the more important it is that you hire the right people. Staples goes on to say that when you own a small business, every employee counts. Each and every worker you have is a representation of your brand. The work that these employees do can make or break your business, depending on the quality of products or services that they put out in your business’s name. Your company’s success actually depends on the people you hire. So how can you ensure that you hire the right people for the job? Here are a few traits to look for when hiring for a small business.

Do They Share Your Vision?

 Each and every person that you employ does not have to necessarily be as crazy about your ideas as you are, but they do need to share the same vision. Listen to them during the interview, and give them time to ask questions. Do they seem interested in the company other than just the interview process for the job? Why do they wish to work for your company? Don’t just listen to their words, but they to gauge their enthusiasm. Make sure that they share your dreams and values for your company and agree with your mission statement completely.

Do They Stand Out as Individuals?

 Those candidates who may seem a bit quirky or come across as a little different may put you off at first. They can, however, become some of the greatest assets to your business. These are the people who are not afraid to stand out or to take a stand for something that they believe in. If that something is your dream, then your company can greatly benefit from their individuality and loyalty. Those who are not afraid to stand out will also often be the ones who come up with the best ideas and help other employees…and yourself…to think in different ways.

Are They Willing to Take Responsibility and Help Where Needed?

 Many times, employees of small businesses will not only have to pull their own weight but the weight of others as well. When interviewing for a position, ask the potential employee questions like, “Have you ever had to pick up the slack for an employee?” Listen to their attitude. Were they willing to help in any way possible, or do they seem to resent having to do any extra work? Employees, especially when they are hired by the hour, should be willing to do whatever you need them to since they are being paid regardless. Whether it is 8 hours of typing memos or 8 hours of cleaning offices, everyone should be willing to pull together to do what needs to be done.

It is also important to note here that while this attitude is important when hiring, it can be taken advantage of until the employee grows overwhelmed. If you continually have employees who are not pulling their weight, replace them before the ones who are willing to take up the slack lose their willingness!

Offer Your Employees a Positive Work Environment

One of the best ways to help maintain a good employee base is to offer them a good work environment. It is important to make sure that your employees have the tools, equipment, and space needed to be productive. Providing a true office space is one way to do this. It is much easier for employees to do quality work in an office setting than in your home or at a coffee shop. Offix offers office solutions to entrepreneurs at a fraction of the cost of most commercial office space. With private desks, private offices, meeting room, video conferencing rooms, and more, your employees can feel free to giv etheir best work to you and your new business.


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