Why a Lack of Social Media Presence is Bad for Business

Written By: offix_admin

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One of the biggest mistakes which business owners today can make online is a lack of social media presence. Often, entrepreneurs may see social media as an unnecessary evil. It is, after all, a fairly new concept, and businesses have succeeded for decades without it. Social media presence has rapidly became an integral part of today’s marketing strategies. In fact, Likeable feels that “managing a flexible presence on each of the “BIG THREE” (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), has become a MUST for any marketer striving to bring his or her business up to speed.” Facebook has over 1.26 billion users, and Twitter boasts of over 500 million registered members. Other platforms, such as LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and Reddit can also be beneficial for companies looking for exposure online. What are some things that you can use a social media presence for that are vital to your business?

Showcase Your Brand

 According to an infographic from Business 2 Community, 71% of businesses are using social media for brand awareness. Other studies show that 90 percent of marketers are doing the same. Having a strong presence on social media is an excellent way to showcase your business and build its reputation. Using such tactics as keeping fresh and relevant content on your social media page can make potential customers and social media users begin to view your business as an authority on your product or service. You can use your social media presence to create awareness for your brand, and then build your brand’s “personality.” You can also showcase your products on your social media page and draw traffic to your website.

Build Relationships

Social media can also be used to build relationships with potential customers, customers, and clients.  As Forbes explains, “Social media, at its core, is a communication channel like email or phone calls. Every customer interaction you have on social media is an opportunity to publicly demonstrate your customer service level and enrich your relationship with your customers.” When a customer brags on your product or service on social media, you can thank them publicly in a comment. If someone complains about your business, it gives you the chance to publicly apologize and offer to make it right, by free products and services, or a refund. This helps to build relationships with others and also to weed out anyone who may be trying to make an unfounded complaint.

Of course, you may even choose to take those relationships that you have built online and bring them into the “real” world. Online networking can be very valuable to your business. Need a place to meet those potential clients and colleagues? Offix offers office space to rent in Wellington that can be leased by the day, by the week, byt the month, or by the year, depending on your needs and budget. Private desks, private offices, meeting rooms, video conferencing rooms, and many other amenities are all available at very affordable prices.

Customer Feedback & “Free Advertising”

Anyone who has ever spent any time on Facebook knows how this works. Haley posts a picture of her double mocha latte she just bought at Starbucks, with a couple of over-excited emojis and praises for the deliciousness of her drink. She tags the Starbucks Facebook page in her post. Some of Haley’s friends read it and roll their eyes at her silliness of posting everything she does…but a few suddenly have to go get one. Starbucks just got free advertising from Facebook (and Haley). The Starbucks Facebook page just got good customer feedback. Whether you are involved in the conversation or not, it is likely that someone, somewhere is talking about your business on social media. Why not be a part of that conversation?

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