Things to Do and See in Wellington, New Zealand: Night Life

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A few weeks ago, we mentioned that in our previous articles we have explored the reasons why one would want to do business in Wellington, NZ, and even looked at the steps an entrepreneur would need to take in order to do so. Even the most dedicated business owner needs to relax and have fun, however. In that article, we looked at some of the things to do and see when you are in the Wellington, New Zealand area when you are spending time with your family. We mentioned the Wellington Zoo, the Carter Observatory, and Zealandia. Of course, those are just a few of the wonderful attractions that New Zealand offers for great family time. But what about the nightlife? In this article, we will look at a few of the hot spots that Wellington, New Zealand has to offer for adults. Whether you are looking for a place to relax and unwind or seeking a place to entertain potential clients and colleagues, this city’s nightlife offers a spot for you.


Let’s Go to the Library

Doesn’t sound very exciting for someone seeking out the city’s nightlife, does it? Of course, this isn’t your college campus library. According to World Travel Guide, The Library is a “cozy lounge bar that doubles as a live music venue and, you guessed it, a library.” There are three separate spaces in this building; the main bar which is, as mentioned, a lounge bar, the private room known as the “games room,” where you can indulge in board games, and the reading room. Live music plays for your entertainment, and the venue also offers “decadent deserts” to enjoy with your drinks.

RedSquare Upscale Elegance

If a library/lounge bar isn’t your thing, perhaps you are looking for somewhere a little more sophisticated? The RedSquare Club is one of the city’s finest nightspots with its plush décor, comfy leather booths, and unique bar. The bar features an ice countertop where patrons can leave their handprints. You may choose to dance and sing along to the music played by the club’s DJ. In fact, according to its website, this looks like “the” place to be for weekend dancing and fun. You might want to go to their website and make a booking.

Rogue and Vagabond

Looking for somewhere to party that isn’t quite so bookish or elegant? The Rogue and Vagabond might be just the spot. Lonely Planet shares, “Fronting onto a precious pocket park, the Rogue is a lovably scruffy, colourful, kaleidoscopic craft-beer bar with heaps going on – via 18 taps including two hand-pulls. Voluminous, chewy-crust pizza, burgers, po’ boys, alcoholic milkshakes and regular, rockin’ gigs add further appeal. Swill around on the patio or slouch on the lawn.” The Rogue and Vagabond website shares all of the information that you might need about this Craft Beer Bar, including the names of upcoming bands, events, and more.

Performance Theatres

Not really into the bar scene? Wellington has many other venues available to someone looking for excitement after dark. As WellingtonNZ explains, there are several performance theatres where you can see “exciting performances and nightly shows.” The Circa Theatre, BATS Theatre, Opera House, Michael Fowler Center, and ST James Theatre all offer live performance at its best.

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