Freelancing Services Which Are Vital to Your Small Business

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Most successful entrepreneurs can tell you… although they were strapped for cash in the beginning and did not want to spend, without some things they simply could not have been successful. Being frugal is of great importance when starting a new business; however, skimping in the wrong areas can cause your success to slow down tremendously, and in some cases, even stop it. A great alternative for new business owners, who are looking for services but are not looking to hire employees, is to hire freelancers. Our next 2 articles will share times that hiring a freelancer would be beneficial to your small business.

Social Networking Media Specialist- Social networking has become much more than simply socializing online. For new business owners and entrepreneurs, social networking can be very valuable, and the cheapest form of marketing and advertising that one can find. According to Marketing Profs 43% of companies in the United States agree that they have been successful at using social networks to locate new customers. This is up a good eight percent from last year. On a worldwide scale, 47% of companies say that they have been successful when using social networking to find new business. Those companies that use social networking are said to be about eleven percent more likely to report that their revenues have increased than those businesses that refuse to use social networking. If you do not have the time to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and such, freelance social media experts are easily found online to handle these sites for you cheaply and effectively.

Website Designer- In another article posted at Dynamic Business, the importance of a company’s web presence is stressed heavily. This article points out the importance of a great website, and states that not even television ads are as vital to your business. If you want to design your own, you will need to at least understand a little about designing and the layouts of a website. If you are not familiar with website design, it is probably best to hire someone who is. Once again, freelance experts are standing ready on many sites such as Upwork, as well as Freelancer, Guru and more. These freelancers will design your webpage at a much lower cost than most professionals.

Of course, while most freelancers work from home, your business will definitely benefit from having a dedicated office space for your employees to work from. Even if you cannot yet afford a commercial office space for lease, Offix has shared office space to rent in Wellington. These office solutions give you all of the advantages of traditional office space at just a fraction of the cost. Offix offers private desks, private office spaces, meeting rooms, video conferencing room, cleaning services, and much more. And these coworking spaces can be leased by the day, the week, the month, or the year depending on your needs and budget.


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