More Freelancing Services Which Are Vital to Your Small Business

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As we pointed out last week, most successful entrepreneurs can tell you… although they were strapped for cash in the beginning and did not want to spend, without some things they simply could not have been successful. Being frugal is of great importance when starting a new business; however, skimping in the wrong areas can cause your success to slow down tremendously, and in some cases, even stop it. A great alternative for new business owners, who are looking for services but are not looking to hire employees, is to hire freelancers. In this second article, we will look into another example of a freelance  job that could benefit your small business.

Content Writers – An article in Small Business Trends shares a few things that business owners should never skimp on. In her list, Susan Payton states, “I could write books about the companies who undervalue good content. Suffice it to say, a lot of brands want content that will help them connect to customers, but they don’t want to pay its worth.” Payton goes on to share how some websites feature writing jobs where the employers are offering as little as a few bucks for website content and articles. The author shares her opinion that those who do not see the value of content by paying any more than that apparently do not understand how content marketing works. Payton also feels that freelancers are a good way to fill the needs of small businesses, but points out that you get what you pay for.

Beneficial to Both – All in all, freelancing is a great opportunity for both entrepreneurs and freelancers. For the freelancer, there is no overhead, no wear-and-tear on a car to get to work, no wardrobe costs, no make-up, and no hairstylist. Although working at home does have its difficulties, these workers can sit on their couch in their sweatsuits if they want, and write content, design websites, maintain social networks, and many other services with little cost to themselves. A freelance worker will rarely “call in sick.” Since they usually work at home anyway, they will often continue even when they are sick. From the entrepreneur’s point of view, freelancers can be more dependable for these reasons and much cheaper than hiring a full-time worker, providing benefits, etc.

In last week’s article, we mentioned that while most freelancers work from home, your business will definitely benefit from having a dedicated office space for your employees to work from. Even if you cannot yet afford a commercial office space for lease, Offix has shared office space to rent in Wellington. These office solutions give you all of the advantages of traditional office space at just a fraction of the cost. Offix offers private desks, private office spaces, meeting rooms, video conferencing room, cleaning services, and much more. And these coworking spaces can be leased by the day, the week, the month, or the year depending on your needs and budget.

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