Amazing Entrepreneurs – Charlie Palmer: Chef, Entrepreneur, and Author

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Early Roots in Growing and Cooking Food

According to his website, Charlie Palmer was deeply influenced by working in the vegetable garden that his family grew when he was a child in Smyrna, New York. Early on, he advocated for people to eat food that was raised on a farm versus food that was produced in a factory. Over the years, Charlie has taken his passion for fresh, home-grown food and created a chain of successful restaurants and hotel boutiques that all focus on his approach to good eating.

Foodie Chap’ quotes Chef Charlie Palmer as saying that being a Chef for him is about an unbridled passion for food. Palmer seems to take that passion with him into everything he does, from cooking, to writing, to business. He has received attention all over the globe for his “Progressive American” style of cooking, which combines powerful flavors which have been mixed in unusual ways, with a strong hint of French cuisine.

 Entrepreneur and Author

A frequent visitor to the ‘Today Show’ on NBC, Chef Palmer has also authored four cookbooks, Great American Food published by Random House in 1996, Charlie Palmer’s Casual Cooking published by Harper Collins in 2001, The Art of Aureole published by Ten Speed Press in 2002, and Charlie Palmer’s Practical Guide to the New American Kitchen published by Melcher Media in 2006. He recently brought both culinary and wine experts together at the Sixth Annual Pigs & Pinot which was held during the spring of 2011. The gathering was held in the Hotel Healdsburg which is located in the middle of California’s wine country. Over ten chefs and sixty wine enthusiasts have come to make this celebration a tradition over the years.

Chef Palmer explains that at the beginning of his career, he noticed that the cuisine in American was still in the infancy stages. As a chef, he studied what American cooking meant to him, and how growing up on a farm, and spending time in France at Georges Blanc could be incorporated into the foods in the United States. He also shared what a tremendous impact that one French producer made on him when they brought their “perfectly made” goat cheese to the kitchen there. Because of this, he became adamant about using homegrown products instead of buying from large manufacturers. He was just twenty-eight years old when he began to put his thoughts into actions. Now his first restaurant, the ‘Aureole’ is located right off of Manhattan’s Madison Avenue and placed strategically in the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park.

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