More Benefits to Working From Home and From a Shared Office Space

Written By: offix_admin

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Last week we looked at several reasons that working from home or from a shared office space can be beneficial for you. This week we will look at a couple more conveniences of working out of your home or from a commercial space for lease.

It Can Encourage Children to Become Entrepreneurs

This freedom helps give the entrepreneur the time to build their relationships with their families. Husbands, wives, and even kids can also help with the business. This can help to encourage children to become entrepreneurs themselves. Many love the fact that being a business owner or entrepreneur kept them from having to leave their kids with daycare centers or babysitters, they could work around their spouse or partner’s schedule.

It is also financially beneficial to become a business owner or entrepreneur. For those who work at home, there is no worry about the fuel that is needed to get to work daily. There will be much less wear and tear on your car, truck, or SUV, as well, and most auto insurance companies even offer lower rates for those who do not drive their cars as many miles per week. Make-up and wardrobe is also no longer an issue since you can sit on your own couch and work in your pj’s if you wish. You also get to choose when you can move up. When you are ready to take on more work, you can do so yourself, instead of waiting for a boss to give you a promotion. The more skills you learn in your chosen profession, the more you can make.

Tax Deductions and No Drama and Politics

Tax credits are also available for those who work for themselves and working at home opens the door to several different tax deductions. For example, a writer who works for his or her self might be able to deduct the cost of his or her computer, notebooks, pens, pencils, and any other equipment which is used for work. Depending on what type of writing they do, other things in the office can be deducted as well. A television review writer can deduct the cost of television, such as satellite TV bills. A photojournalist can deduct the cost of cameras and other photography equipment, as well as gas to get to locations. In some cases, even the cost of a vehicle and such can be deducted, if the items are used for work. Of course, if you work from home, there may be even more deductions, depending on which country you work from.

Shared Office Space can be More Convenient

As we mentioned last week, you can still enjoy these freedoms while working in an office. In fact, Offix offers shared office space to rent in Wellington that features the privacy, professionalism, and convenience that a home-based office simply cannot give. You may even choose to work from home a few days a week, and out of an office a few days a week, since Offix coworking spaces can be leased by the day, the week, the month, or the year depending on your need and budget. Offix commercial rental space has private desks, private offices, meeting rooms, video conferencing rooms, cleaning services, and much more, which makes choosing a shared office space even more convenient than working from home.

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