Wellington, New Zealand’s Charming History

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As most readers may already know, Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. Just a simple internet search will show a beautiful coastal city with picturesque ocean views, amazing cityscapes, and charming harbor scenes. But there is a lot more to this city than meets the eye. In this week’s article, we will take a look at the interesting history behind this city, which has become a popular place for entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

The Early History of a Place Called “The Head of Maui’s Fish”

According to an article in the New Zealand Tourism Guide, Wellington, New Zealand, and its harbor have been known by several names throughout its history. As the article explains, “Māori legends name the greater Wellington region as “Te Upoko o Te Ika a Maui” or “the head of Maui’s fish”.” These legends are said to go back as far as 950AD when a Polynesian explorer by the name of Kupe found the beautiful location. Later on, after Tara discovered the area, it was called “Whanganui-a-Tara,” which means “the great harbor of Tara.” Then, in 1773, Captain Cook anchored in the place that would later be known as Wellington Harbor. In 1826, Captain Herd charted the place and called it, “Port Nicholson,” in honor is a harbormaster in Port Jackson, New South Wales whose name was John Nicholson. Its final name was in honor of the Duke of Wellington, who was a supporter of the New Zealand Company which named the port city.

Struggle for Survival

The area was first colonized by European settlers in the 1840s, and Auckland was named as the capitol. As TEARA explains, the first years were quite a struggle, and survival wasn’t easy. Although the New Zealand Company wanted Wellington to be an organized capital center, the city was quite chaotic. So the company went in search of a more appropriate location. Flat ground was found near the mouth of the Hutt River, and six ships full of immigrants settled there in huts that were built with the help of the native Māori help. They named their small settlement Britannia, but it was not to be. The entire place was flooded within months of being built. after various struggles with the Māori, and with the Ngāti Toa tribe, the place began to flourish under governor George Grey’s leadership. Grey was able to keep order in the city of Wellington better than the New Zealand Company had, and the company began to collapse.

A Capital City at Last

In 1865, the nation’s seat was moved from Auckland to Wellington. This move caused the town of Wellington to quickly grow from a small settlement to a city. In fact, from 1867 to 1900, the town grew from almost 7500 residents to almost 50,000. According to Wikipedia, the census for Wellington is now closer to 500,000 and continuing to grow. Wellington, New Zealand has become one of the world’s best places to start a new business, as we shared in a former article.

Much to Offer for Entrepreneurs

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