Why is a Coworking Space a Good Choice for Your Business?

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An article from The Balance Small Business asked if you have ever considered working in a coworking space. While many of you reading this may have considered working from a coworking space, some may not have ever even heard of it. Similar to shared office spaces, coworking spaces have grown in popularity, due to both convenience and budget-friendliness. In our next 2 articles, we will take a look at what a coworking space is, and help you determine if a coworking space is right for you and your business or startup.

What Defines a Coworking Space?

In a former post, we took a peek at coworking spaces and what makes them different from shared office space. As we said in that article, “Shared office space is an office building where various established businesses or even start-ups rent out space to conduct their business instead of renting or buying an entire building for themselves. Often there are many amenities, such as utilities, maid services, fest internet, meeting rooms, video conference rooms, kitchen areas, break rooms, and more. A shared office space can be more costly, but they offer more privacy and more of these amenities that a coworking space normally would have. Shared office spaces usually have private offices available and locked areas to keep equipment and paperwork secure.”  A coworking space is a bit different, although the 2 are very similar. As we explained, “A coworking space is usually more open, offers less privacy and is great for businesses and start-ups for which working in larger groups or “coworking” is more prevalent. In coworking spaces, there are a lot more large tables for group projects than private desks for personal work.” Often, those who work in coworking spaces spend a great deal of the day with at least 10 other workers who gather in a large open space at huge tables and brainstorm ideas.

The Popularity of Coworking Space is On the Rise

According to an article in Inc, startup innovation is being fueled by coworking spaces, and the concept is helping many local economies grow and thrive. In fact, most metropolitan locations across the globe now have coworking space. As of 2018, there were almost 2200 new coworking spaces opening across the world, and by 2022, they estimate that there will be almost 26,000. With the rise of technology, it has become much easier to work remotely, and millions of workers around the world have taken advantage of this. This rise in remote work has also contributed to more people deciding to start their own business. Being able to get started from home has greatly increased the success of the entrepreneur. Eventually, however, a successful startup will need an office to conduct business from. While working from home has its advantages at first, one cannot realistically build a productive team while gathering inside of your home. That’s when having a coworking space becomes beneficial. Next week, we will look more into why a coworking space may be good for your business.

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