Why Coworking Spaces Have Become the Go-to for Millennials

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For the last 2 weeks, we have taken a look at coworking spaces and why a coworking space may be beneficial for your startup or small business. For the next couple of weeks, we are going to look at why coworking spaces have become so popular among millennial entrepreneurs and workers.  While a coworking space can be a good choice for a business owner of any age, this one group of young workers have latched on to the idea of sharing their workspace with others, and it is paying off. Let’s take a look at why this is.

Millennials Are Known for Doing Their Own Thing

If you are a millennial, you are already aware of the image that has been portrayed of you. As Go Ask Cody shares, “Millennials catch a lot of flak these days for the way in which they are shaking up just about everything. They’ve killed diamonds, mayonnaise, golf, and department stores, just to name a few. They marry later and carry more debt than any other previous generation. But perhaps the biggest splash millennials are making is in the professional world. That’s because the changes they’re making will be felt for generations to come.”

The article goes on to explain that millennials reached working age during one of the most uncertain job markets that had been seen in decades. No companies were hiring, the market was struggling, and wages seemed to be frozen, with no increase in sight. Instead of becoming slaves in a hopeless workforce, these men and women decided to be their own bosses. Millennials have set a new standard and raised a new bar. No more is it necessary for you to be chained to a desk, working for someone else’s gain as more and more workers choose their own hours and determine their own worth. In fact, in today’s workforce, one in five jobs are held by freelancers.

Millennials Don’t Like to be Trapped

Many millennials spent their childhoods watching their parents seem trapped in the corporate world. The daily grind of work, come home, collapse, sleep, and do it all over again, day after day seemed like slavery to the millennial mind. And even while “living the dream,” these parents still struggled just to pay for the necessities in life; a home, a car, school supplies, food, nice clothes, all needed but barely within reach. Millennials soon realized that the business owners were the ones getting richer while Mom and Dad just worked harder. There was barely time for Dad to go to his son’s game, or for Mom to take her daughter to practice, and yet they continued to struggle financially.

Millennials took it upon themselves to find a way out of that grind. Working hard day after day at a corporate job was definitely an honorable way to earn a living and support a family, but millennials wanted more. They were not the first to become entrepreneurs and work for themselves. They were not the first to start their own businesses and thrive in a new type of workplace. Others definitely came before them, but millennials have embraced this way of life and made it not only successful, but a more common part of the workforce than it ever had been before. Next week we will look at more ways that millennials made entrepreneurship theirs and flocked to coworking spaces.


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