Why Would You Want to be a Freelancer?

Written By: offix_admin

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For the last couple of weeks, we have looked at why people would choose to become entrepreneurs. Many of them see a need in the workplace and take it upon themselves to meet that need. Others simply do not like working with others or having a boss. Still, others are fed by the thrill of jumping out on their own. Some of these would also be good reasons to become a freelancer, and others would not. For the next 2 weeks, we will look into why some people choose to be a freelance worker instead of working for a company or being an entrepreneur and starting their own company.

They Also May Not Work Well with Others – Just as some entrepreneurs, the freelance worker may not work well with others. As we pointed out in a former article, many may see this quality as a negative one, but it is really just a characteristic of some personalities. For both the entrepreneur and the freelancer, being closed up in an office or workplace and told to perform the same menial tasks, again and again, is enough to drive the brain insane. An entrepreneur may be able to work well in a team setting where ideas are being bounced back and forth to achieve a common goal, but they usually do not work well in a setting where they are expected to think, act, and perform like all of the others around them. Freelancers are much the same.

They Could Also Love Being Their Own Boss – As we mentioned a couple of articles back, entrepreneurs also tend to like being their own bosses. In fact, they love working under someone else’s rule about as much as they love being expected to perform the same menial task over and over along with everyone around them. Being a freelancer also gives a person the chance to be their own boss without taking all of the risks that an entrepreneur must take. Freelancers usually choose their own hours, their own pay rates, and what type of work they will accept.

They May Be Introverts – While this is not as typical of the entrepreneur, it is highly common for the freelance worker to be an introvert. Entrepreneurs tend to interact more often, face to face with the public and with other business owners. A freelancer worker often never even sees the person that he or she works with. With the digital age making remote more and more common, the freelance worker can bid for jobs, email, private message, or call potential clients, set up payment arrangements, agree on projects, and interact with others solely online – sometimes without ever hearing the voices of their clients or other freelancers working on the project. Freelance work allows people to work from the privacy of their homes, from the corner of a restaurant or coffee shop, or from a shared office space without ever having to meet those whom they are working with.

Freelancers who need to get away from the house, or need a private place to work while they are traveling may choose to use shared office space. Offix has shared office space to rent in Wellington that offers private desks, private offices, meeting rooms, video conferencing, 24/7 access and more. These shared workspaces can be leased by the day, by the week, by the month, or by the year, depending on the freelancer’s need and budget.

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