Why Would You Want to be a Freelancer? (Part 2)

Written By: offix_admin

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As we shared last week, for the last couple of weeks, we have looked at why people would choose to become entrepreneurs. Many of them see a need in the workplace and take it upon themselves to meet that need. Others simply do not like working with others or having a boss. Still, others are fed by the thrill of jumping out on their own. Some of these would also be good reasons to become a freelancer, and others would not. In this article, we will look into more reasons why some people choose to be a freelance worker instead of working for a company or being an entrepreneur and starting their own company.

They Aren’t Able to Work 9 to 5 – For some, the choice to become a freelance worker instead of being an entrepreneur or working for someone else was simply the only choice that they felt they had. Many freelance workers are physically unable to work in a traditional job setting and found freelance work to be a way that they would still financially support themselves. Some freelance workers may have had surgery and cannot work outside of the home. Other freelancer workers could have a chronic illness which doesn’t allow them to work on a set schedule. Freelance work allows them to set their own hours and work at their own pace. Others may suffer from PTSD, or be unable to leave their home, but through the internet, they can still find ways to be productive and earn a living. Freelance work gives these people the chance to earn their own money instead of depending on government aid and disability checks to survive.

They Do Not Have a College Education – Some freelance workers never had the chance to finish college, but they were able to teach themselves various skills via the internet. Financial hardships, life decisions, and other unforeseen circumstances might have kept them from attending school, but freelance work allows them to continue learning while they earn. In many of these cases, the freelance worker may even earn more money than someone who graduated in the same skillset. For example, an online marketing copywriter can often earn more money working for themselves than their counterpart who graduated with a degree in marketing and works for a company.

There is no Commitment – Some people choose to freelance simply because they do not like committing to a job. As we have already established, the freelancer can sometimes earn a good bit of money, and as a freelancer, they can do it on their own time. Freelancers can travel anywhere that they want to go and still keep working. A freelance writer may work from home, from an office, from a hotel in Australia, from a coffee shop in America and anywhere in between that has internet access or cell phone service.

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