Top Millennial Entrepreneurs: Bryan D. Evans of Influencive

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Several weeks ago, we focused on the way that millennial entrepreneurs have influenced today’s business world, specifically how they have expanded the idea of shared office space and coworking space as an office solution. For the last 2 weeks, we have shared some of the best tips for millennial entrepreneurs. In a few weeks, we plan to focus on senior entrepreneurs and their influence on the world, but for the next several articles, we will be taking a peek at some of the top millennial entrepreneurs today. Today, let’s check out Bryan D. Evans, CEO, and founder of Influencive.

He Saw a Need

Just a few short years ago, the only way to build your brand was through radio and television advertising, word of mouth, signs, and newspaper ads. Then along came the internet and social media and suddenly, entrepreneurs had a whole new platform where they could show off their products and services. YouTube videos, Facebook ads, Twitter links, and more began popping up everywhere, advertising this writer, that web designer, the other coffee shop, and a million other marketing hooks. It was soon far too easy to get lost in the sea of social media marketing, and very hard to get noticed there. Now, as Influencive shares, “From local scenesters to global celebrities, having a strong online presence is an essential piece of the puzzle for not only keeping people engaged but proving your own credibility. After all, the first place anyone is going to go for more information on you is the Internet.”

As with any new market, there were soon a group of people who seized the opportunity and began selling their services to aid others in their pursuit of social media credibility. Bryan D. Evans was one of these “online influencers,” but he took it a step further. Instead of just helping entrepreneurs to build their brand on existing social media platforms, he created an entirely new one, designed specifically for building personal brands and influencing others. With Influencive, your personal brand and thought leadership isn’t lost in a sea of what Milly cooked for dinner and how Susie’s twins slept through the night. Evans saw a need for a space that was designed for one purpose – business influence – and he became a successful millennial entrepreneur simply by expanding on that idea. Evans is the founder and CEO of Influencive. According to the website, “Influencive is a platform that shares unconventional wisdom from influential minds to help teach, train, and inspire the next generation of leaders.” We will look more at millennial entrepreneur Bryan D. Evans in next week’s article.

Millennial Entrepreneurs like the ones that we will be learning about in the next few weeks help us see that anyone can make their dreams happen. For entrepreneurs who are just starting their business, it can be difficult to find a dedicated office space that is affordable on a startup budget. Offix offers a solution with office space to rent in Wellington. With private offices, private desks, meeting rooms, video conferencing room, cleaning services and more that can be rented by the day, week, month, or year, Offix has a place for you.


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