Top Millennial Entrepreneurs: Cherie Tan of Mogul Tech International

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Several weeks ago, we focused on the way that millennial entrepreneurs have influenced today’s business world, specifically how they have expanded the idea of shared office space and coworking space as an office solution. We have also shared some of the best tips for millennial entrepreneurs. In a few weeks, we plan to focus on senior entrepreneurs and their influence on the world, but for the next several articles, we will be taking a peek at some of the top millennial entrepreneurs today. Last week, we shared a peek at Bryan D. Evans, CEO, and founder of Influencive. Today, we will learn more about Cherie Tan, Mogul Tech International’s founder, and CEO.

Her (Very) Early Start

According to a post in Reader’s Digest, Cherie Tan was just 15 years old when she began her career in tech. At that young age, the young girl from Singapore was freelancing as a web designer and developer. Now, Cherie has created and launched some of the largest projects in the world, for some of the largest companies across the globe. When asked by Medium how she got her start, Cherie shares, “I started freelancing very early on as a web designer, specifically in frontend development and graphic design. As a young, precocious Asian girl at the age of 14, I chose to dedicate my time and energy to doing what I enjoyed most: building beautiful virtual things that I and my virtual network of friends could appreciate.”

Cherie goes on to explain that she did finish college. She also went on to earn a degree at Newcastle University UK, a second-upper honors degree in Chemical Engineering. But she is quick to credit her early experiences in freelance work in setting her on the path of software development and design. She also says that her early projects helped her learn how to take on challenging projects from all around the globe. She admits that she went against all of the stereotypes that Asian students are normally subjected to by learning Photoshop, Javascript, CSS, and other skills which helped her build her career.

She Realized Action is Vital

In an article for Women2.0, Cherie shares that she realized early “the importance of the Doing.” She explains that it is not enough just to learn about how others accomplished their goal where they succeeded and failed and the steps that they took to make it. She states that humans learn by doing, not just by watching or hearing about something, but by actually doing it. She says that we gain valuable experience that is unique to our personal situations and lives.

We can sit back and read articles about entrepreneurs and how they succeeded. We can watch movies about their lives, read books that they have written, and even attend motivational speeches that they give but until we apply ourselves and go start our own ventures we cannot learn. It takes us making our own mistakes, going through our own failures, and then moving on to our own successes for us to be able to apply the knowledge to ourselves and our own lives.

We will learn more about Cherie Tan in our next article.

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