Top Millennial Entrepreneurs: More About Cherie Tan of Mogul Tech International

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Several weeks ago, we focused on the way that millennial entrepreneurs have influenced today’s business world, specifically how they have expanded the idea of shared office space and coworking space as an office solution. We have also shared some of the best tips for millennial entrepreneurs. In a few weeks, we plan to focus on senior entrepreneurs and their influence on the world, but for the next several articles, we will be taking a peek at some of the top millennial entrepreneurs today. Last week, we shared a peek at Cherie Tan, Mogul Tech International’s founder, and CEO. This week we will look a bit deeper into how and why she started her company.

The First Reason

According to her interview with Medium, Cherie Tan states that she has two key reasons for founding her own company. The first reason she calls “the first and probably more practical reason.” Cherie says, “I felt a pressing need to incorporate the company and scale operations as I was no longer able to handle the great number of requests that were pouring in.” In other words, Cherie’s business outgrew her. She started out at the young age of 14 with no experience or business education. At that time, Cherie worked as a freelance web designer and developer. By the time she was 17 years old, Cherie was ready to hire someone to help her but shares with Women2.0 that she had absolutely no idea how to conduct an interview and was often not taken seriously because of her age.

Reason Number Two

Cherie tells Medium that the second reason she decided to form her own company was that she saw how beneficial it could be to work remotely. Mogul Tech was founded to make it easier for men and women who could not work away from home to be able to build a career while working remotely. Cherie explains, “I started a freelancing career early in life, and so I was able to see how any person can be trained to manage remote work much more efficiently and effectively than we think. I strongly believe in the efficacy and effectiveness of working from home, and started to see just how absolutely beneficial it could be for parents who have to work from home.”  Cherie wanted to show the world that almost anyone could make and sustain a good living while working from home.

Cherie’s 3 most helpful quotes of advice?

  1. “Never sell your ability to form your own opinions and make your own stand for gossip, hype, media, or what we think stands in front of us.”
  2. “Start with the end in mind. If you don’t see an end, start anyway.” And
  3. “It’s okay if we lose battles to win the war.”

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