Tips for Senior Entrepreneurs

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A few weeks ago, we looked at millennial entrepreneurs and the effect that they have had in the workplace, particularly with the rise in coworking and shared office spaces. We also looked at a few tips for the millennial entrepreneur. For the next couple of weeks, our focus will be on the senior entrepreneur and explore tips and advice for those who have decided to spend their golden years to embark on new and exciting changes. Instead of slowing down and taking things easy, these brave men and women use the wisdom that you can only gain with age to start new ventures and blaze new trails. Here are a few tips for senior entrepreneurs.

Your Experience is an Asset

An article from Entrepreneur Magazine encourages the older entrepreneur to leverage on their experience. In many cases, the senior entrepreneur has fallen down many times, only to get back up and try again. Just as Thomas Edison said, you have not failed, you have simply found ten thousand ways that won’t work. Everyone makes mistakes; it takes no special effort or skill to do that. The trick is in being disciplined and determined enough to get back up each and every time. The senior entrepreneur has done this, more than once most likely, and can use that experience to his or her advantage.

Another thing to consider for the more mature entrepreneur is that he or she can not only learn from his or her own mistakes but from those around them as well. In all likelihood, the senior entrepreneur has watched businesses rise and fall, and seen others rise and thrive. What made the difference? Where did the failures go wrong? How could you do it differently? While a young entrepreneur can only learn through experience, you’ve had years of that to utilize to your own advantage. Now is the best time for you to create something new and be a success at it.

Don’t Ignore Social Media and the Internet

Many older entrepreneurs came up in a time when the internet did not rule the world. In fact, some of them still shy away from technology, social media, and the internet altogether. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake for the senior entrepreneur. Older entrepreneurs may have once thought that Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms were just a passing fad. Time has shown that not to be true. While people may flock from one social media platform to another, the internet and its many platforms will likely be a huge part of marketing for many years to come.

Ignoring such a huge place to market yourself and your brand will most likely be detrimental to your venture. Many entrepreneurs have literally built their own brands with free advertising by posting on social media outlets consistently. There are tons of YouTube videos, articles, and posts that will help t4each you to use social media for marketing.  If you simply do not know how to use the internet or social media and feel that you cannot learn, you should consider hiring a social media marketing specialist for this purpose. Yes, you need to fit that into your budget. Yes, it is that important.

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