Amazing Senior Entrepreneurs: Elizabeth Isele of Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship

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For the last couple of weeks, we have explored tips for today’s senior entrepreneur. After focusing on millennial entrepreneurs and how they have re-shaped the business world, we looked at the value that the more mature entrepreneur brings to the table. With their experience, wisdom, and lack of fear, the aged entrepreneur can often be more disciplined and determined to be a success than his or her younger colleagues. For the next few weeks, we will focus on awesome senior entrepreneurs and how they made age work for them. Our first focus will be Elizabeth Isele of the Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship.

Changing the Way Older People Look at Retirement

In our last couple of articles, we looked at tips and advice for senior entrepreneurs. In our last article, we mentioned Elizabeth Isele as the CEO and Co-Founder of The Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship. According to Babson Academy, Isele is recognized all over the world for her expertise in intergenerational senior entrepreneurship. She is literally changing the way mature adults look at retirement and aging. By studying and analyzing data and information, Isele has found different ways to unleash the potential on those who are over the age of 50 and ignite an Experienced Economy.

Isele’s part in this experienced economy came after she’d had a successful career as an award-winning author and editor, and raised 4 children. She was also a lawyer in her earlier years. In 2012, at the age of 70, Isele founded Senior Entrepreneurship Works which would later, in 2017, be expanded to form The Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship. As Chatham House explains, Isele has also worked to redesign the 21st-century workforce, encourage senior and intergenerational entrepreneurship, in the workplace and in new business startups, and equal opportunities for women in entrepreneurship, the workforce, and retirement.

Recognized Around the World

Isele’s global recognition took place almost immediately following her founding of The Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship. Babson shares, “Almost immediately, she became the go-to person for all things regarding senior and intergenerational entrepreneurship (programs, policy, capitalization and research), including the Obama White House, US Congress, Clinton Global Initiative (CGI-America), EU Commission on Entrepreneurship, OECD, the Federal Reserve, the UN, the Gerontological Society of America (GSA), and global firms such as EY, among many others. She co-designed and was a key witness at the first-ever US Senate Hearing on Senior Entrepreneurship in February 2014, which was broadcast on C-span.”

Chatham House states that Isele is known as a trusted adviser for the White House, the United States State Department, The European Union, i4J (an Innovation for Jobs from Vint Cerf and David Nordfors), and several other universities, government agencies, corporations in the private sector, and NGO’s across the globe. She also participated in a Global Summit Series on Senior and Multi-Generational Entrepreneurship. These summits were held in many cities and countries, including New Zealand, Dublin, New York City, London, Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Sydney, Auckland, and others. As we stated in our last article, Elizabeth Isele is an amazing senior entrepreneur used her experience and wisdom to help form an institute to help other senior entrepreneurs to use their experience and wisdom. What better example of the success of senior entrepreneurship?

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