Office Atmosphere: Keeping the Mood Productive

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A while back, we featured an article that focused on the benefits of a well-lit office space. In that article, we mentioned that having a lot of natural light coming into your office can actually increase mood and productivity. Many studies have shown that mood plays a huge role in whether or not the workers in your office will be at their best. If the mood is low, productivity seems to be low as well. Employers who strive to keep office morale high tend to see more profit from their efforts. And business is all about profit.  In the next couple of articles, we will focus on other ways to keep the mood elevated and productivity up in the office.

Hiring the Right People

Although cool office furniture and spacious windows can boost morale in the office, not much can lower it more quickly than hiring the wrong people. American Express addresses this issue in an article describing the most problem workers who do just that. One of the workers mentioned in this article is “Negative Nelly.” Negativity has a way of spreading quickly and having this person in the office can dampen morale faster than almost anything. In an office full of happy and productive workers, the negative person’s constant darkened view of the workplace can leave everyone feeling low. Anyone who is always complaining and making snide comments yet never seems to have anything positive to say can change the outlook of even the most chipper workers.

Gossip is Poison

Much like the negative person, office gossip can also bring down the mood of everyone around. Have you ever worked somewhere that you and your coworkers all got along well, but suddenly someone came along whispering in your ear about a coworker and you saw that coworker in a different light? What you may not see at the time is that this person is likely also whispering in that coworker’s ear about you. My rule of thumb has always been this: If they will talk about others to you, they will talk about you to others. Allowing office gossip to continue spreading rumors and turning workers against one another is poison for your company. A house divided against itself cannot be productive.

Do Address Real Issues

While constant negativity and gossip are both office poisons, it is important to office morale that your employees know that it is okay to address real problems. There is a difference between gossiping, spreading lies and rumors… and bringing an honest complaint to a team leader or manager. There is also a difference in being negative even when things are good … and being realistic when there is a true issue. Your office policies and conduct as a leader should never make someone feel that it is not “safe” to voice opinions about any issue in the office.

We will look at more ways to encourage a productive mood in the office in next week’s article. Anyone who is looking for an office solution in the Wellington area may want to consider an open office or shared office space. These types of office spaces tend to encourage coworkers to work together on tasks which can be very productive. They also can help people feel more free to voice their issues openly, where a resolution can be found. Offix has shared office space to rent in Wellington by the day, the week, the month, or the year.

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