Office Atmosphere: Keeping the Mood Productive (Part 2)

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A while back, we featured an article that focused on the benefits of a well-lit office space. In that article, we mentioned that having a lot of natural light coming into your office can actually increase mood and productivity. Many studies have shown that mood plays a huge role in whether or not the workers in your office will be at their best. If the mood is low, productivity seems to be low as well. Employers who strive to keep office morale high tend to see more profit from their efforts. And business is all about profit.  In last week’s article, we focused on other ways to keep the mood elevated and productivity up in the office. We will continue on that topic in this article.

Don’t Show Favoritism

Even managers, leaders, bosses, and business owners are human. We tend to like some people more than others. It is extremely unlikely that you won’t tend to like some of your workers more than others. It is even likely that you will have a favorite. While most people expect the office favorite to be a people-pleaser who always rushes to impress the boss, this is not always the case. In fact, there are many people who tend not to like people-pleasers and have more respect for those who do not go overboard in trying to make the boss happy.

Regardless of which type of people tend to be your favorites, it is important not to show it in the office. Each worker in your company likely has his or her own areas in which they shine and areas in which they don’t quite measure up to the others. If you allow yourself to show favoritism to one, it can lower the morale of the others. People can often feel that it is pointless to work so hard if it will never be noticed. If that one person is always going to get the promotion, the bonus, the favor, then why even try? You can see why this could quickly lower office morale. It is important to focus on the good in everyone, and not just single out one person, for good or for bad.

Do Focus on the Environment

While these last 2 articles have focused on the people in the office, the environment is also important. We have already discussed the importance of natural light in the workplace. Plants can also make a difference, as can bright colors. Keeping the space uncluttered and providing a break area is important as well. For projects where it is possible, encouraging collaboration can go a long way towards increasing workplace morale. Allowing socialization between employees can keep them from feeling isolated.

Anyone who is looking for an office solution in the Wellington area may want to consider an open office or shared office space. These types of office spaces tend to encourage coworkers to work together on tasks which can be very productive. They also can help people feel more free to voice their issues openly, where a resolution can be found. Offix has shared office space to rent in Wellington by the day, the week, the month, or the year.

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