Facts That Make Coworking and Shared Office Spaces Popular

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We have looked at many different facts about coworking spaces and shared office spaces in New Zealand. These types of workplaces make it possible for the new business owner and startup company to have all of the benefits of a traditional office space to rent, at a fraction of the cost. With amenities like 24/7 access, cleaning crews, video conferencing rooms, meeting rooms, private desks, private offices, security, and more, it is easy to see why so many are flocking to a more open office place and shared office spaces. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why these workplaces have become so popular.

You Aren’t Bound to One Location

As Coworking Mag explains, with coworking and shared office spaces, a company can often use more than one location in the city. If a shared office space company has more than one location, you are usually allowed to use either of the locations whenever you need to. For example, when you pay for a one-year lease in your city, you might choose to use that company’s shared office space on the west side of town for a few days and move to their facilities on the north side of town later in the month. There are even coworking spaces that have locations in different cities and allow you to use them interchangeably. There are also coworking passports that allow the possessor to use a certain number of hours at various locations. Of course, not all coworking spaces have more than one location, and not all small businesses have a need for this, but it has helped to make shared office and coworking spaces more popular.

No Serious Commitment

Speaking of being tied to one location, leasing a traditional office location has always been a huge and risky commitment for the startup and small business. Most locations for these types of offices stick you with a lease that is for at least a year and sometimes 2. This is just not practical for a business that could outgrow its office space quickly or could fold before that lease time is up. With shared office and coworking spaces, you can lease space for as little time as a week, and as much as a year or more if you desire. You are no longer committed to long term leases that may not fit your needs. Shared office spaces can even grow with your company, making it possible for you to lease for longer periods of time when the need to do so arises.

It Makes Sense Economically

As we mentioned in a former article, it is a great deal cheaper to lease a coworking space than it is to lease a traditional commercial property for an office business center. With the traditional office, a lengthy commitment is almost always required. Usually, commercial space for lease for these offices can only be for a year or more. It is very rare to ever find a commercial rental space that can be obtained for a period of under 6 months. As Go Ask Cody shares, “Full-scale offices require nearly full-time work to keep them humming. There are costly responsibilities such as hiring cleaning, facilities and services, reception, and other necessary business necessities.” Most of these amenities are available with a lease for a coworking space. And coworking spaces can do not have the lengthy requirements that a traditional office lease does. These spaces typically can be leased by the day, the week, the month, or the year, depending on your need and budget.

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