More Facts That Make Coworking and Shared Office Spaces Popular

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We have looked at many different facts about coworking spaces and shared office spaces in New Zealand. These types of workplaces make it possible for the new business owner and startup company to have all of the benefits of a traditional office space to rent, at a fraction of the cost. With amenities like 24/7 access, cleaning crews, video conferencing rooms, meeting rooms, private desks, private offices, security, and more, it is easy to see why so many are flocking to a more open office place and shared office spaces. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why these workplaces have become so popular.

Interior Design

We literally mean that as the design of the interior, not the business of designing interiors. Most coworking and shared office spaces are designed to be modern, ergonomic, welcoming, spacious, and naturally lit. Coworking spaces draw in the millennial entrepreneur and business persons with its standing or sitting desks, sofas, bean bags, open spaces, and relaxed atmospheres. More of these spaces offer a connection to nature with plants, large windows, artificial waterfalls, and more. While the workplace used to be known as a place of stress and frustration, it is quickly becoming a place to collaborate, destress, and feel productive.

Technology Can Help Fewer People Do More

Coworking Resources explains that choosing shared office spaces or coworking spaces for your business can make it possible for you to hire fewer people and yet get more done. This is because of the potential for technology to work so well in a shared office environment. Work that would normally take 20 or more people to do in a traditional office can be done with far fewer people in a coworking space. Coworking Mag also shares that technology has made it possible for these shared offices and coworking spaces to run completely without the need for managers. Where it used to be necessary to hire a daytime manager, an evening manager, and a night time manager to run these spaces, “access cards, coworking space management software, booking system, attendance system, automated invoices, time trackers, etc. have all become so advanced that you just need to see your revenue at the end of the week or maybe at the end of the month. All human interference and hassles have been outgrown.”

Corporate Shifting to Shared Office and Coworking Spaces

According to Coworking Resources, corporate entities are adopting coworking concepts into their designs as well. Coworking and shared office spaces aren’t just for the small business and startup anymore. Instead of purchasing huge pieces of real estate to build office monstrosities, bug companies are moving towards a shared office trend. Shared office and coworking spaces have become so popular recently that Work Design Magazine predicts that coworking will replace the office. As that article shares, “You heard it here first. Coworking is the 4th industrial revolution and, as we’ve explained at GCUC for years, that revolution is being driven by the changing nature of work. The time will come when people don’t go to offices, they go to coworking spaces.”

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